‘My son has been put off chips for life’ – readers react to Edinburgh pupils’ complaints about school dinners

Youngsters have appealed to Edinburgh councillors to allow their dinners to be cooked at their school to stop them being served “soggy chips” – here’s what you thought

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 5:00 pm
School dinners are in the spotlight

In Japan, students help with the preparation of their own meals. They have an excellent education system. Maybe, just maybe, our council could learn from other centres of excellence.

Tim Wight

Sounds like what my two said about their school lunches. On the plus side, the cold soggy chips my son kept being given has completely put him off chips for life. That’s one less fast food item to cut out when he’s middle aged!

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An artist's impression of the planned concert hall

Harriet Crawford

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‘Soggy chips’ warning as Edinburgh primary pupils want lunches cooked at their s...

School meals are cooked from scratch and sent out to another school for the pupils. They are put straight into hot plates to keep warm. Of course chips will get soggy but how many of you have had a meal delivered with chips that are soggy?

Elaine Haggon

All school dinners should be made from scratch on the premises! My kid won’t take school diners as they are disgusting! Her words not mine.

Angela Whitson

My kids take pack lunches – the school meals are rotten. Another waste of money. If schools provided homemade soup with crusty bread and pudding in winter I think more kids would have a hot meal.

Gillian Lennox

There is soup and bread available every day along with fresh fruit. Most of the kids are in that much of a rush to get out to play again that they don’t take it and leave most of their meals.

Paula Hood

What’s good for one school is good for another – all kids are equal so why should some schools have soggy chips as it states and others are have fresh cooked meals? Don’t forget some kids are only getting one hot meal a day and that’s their school meal.

Tina Millar

We should have kitchens in every school. My son’s always moaning that his food is cold when it’s meant to be a hot meal.

Victoria Cordice

They can’t be hungry. I would bolt down some soggy chips right now.

William Davie

Prison meals are cooked from fresh on site. They are also free. Just saying.

Nicky Jenkins

When I was in school, primary, secondary or high school lunches were always cooked at school. Also students were taking their sandwiches and fruit for short breaks between lessons, or you could get sweets, rolls or snacks in the school’s little shop.

Kinga Płochocka

School dinners are a disgrace now sadly. Primary 1-3 are entitled to a free school meal yet more than half the children don’t benefit from it because they don’t like school dinners.

Paula Strachan

Where is the nutritional value in food that is transported into schools, hospitals etc? This for many is the only meal of the day so they deserve better.

James Gear

I loved school dinners but that was a long time ago.

Rosie Beveridge

In our case meals are cooked at a neighbouring school and delivered before lunchtime. My kids hate them and complain that they are cold and/or soggy and a fair few of their friends are the same. It’s also hard for the little ones especially to see that soup/fruit etc is available as it’s set up in a separate area from the hatch they get their main meal tray from.

Rhona Riach

Concert hall hits wrong note

A flagship £45m concert hall set to be built in the heart of the New Town has been thrown into doubt as developers explore alternative sites and have put the project on pause.

If it is going to be designed with such a tiny central performance area as illustrated in artist’s impressions I’ve seen, it’s likely to have limited usefulness and therefore likely to be rather a waste of money.

Elaine Reid

Just do a “Christmas market special”. Build it first and seek planning permission later.

Suzy Pelosi

I suppose the towering St. James won’t be yet another blot on our skyline then?

Kieran Panico

That location was a horrific choice for a World Heritage area. Why not part of the Granton marina project?

Thomas Imrie

Get the bins emptied and streets cleaned! Address the issue of untreated weeds growing in gutters and pavements! Build more schools, nurseries and facilities for bored teens! There are lots of ways to spend council tax payers money before building another concert hall.

Irene Bell

Good, it’s an eyesore and not nearly big enough. Lets get a decent one built to compete with Glasgow.

Helen Lee-Keenan