Stop speaking to the population of Scotland like we are young children - your views


By The Newsroom
Saturday, 28th November 2020, 7:00 am

Coronavirus lunch

Prof Jason Leitch says ‘roast potatoes are not the risk’ and tells Scots families to ‘use the pasting table for Christmas dinner’

Lee Meikle

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without the pasting table oot for the dinner anyway, whit ye talking aboot?

Ken Johnston

I can just see families not bringing presents to granny's because they're laden up with all the dishes, cutlery and glasses. Sorry, but the guy needs to visit the real world.

Alf Bissett

Stop speaking to the population of Scotland like we are young children. Remember ‘the grown up conversation’?

David Baird

Don’t listen to him now, his patronising tone is hellish, we get the same info elsewhere online.

William Dow

The SNP are now instructing the faithful how to eat properly. How low have Scots sunk?

William Henderson

Roast potatoes would be a risk if you licked them all before plating up!

Scott Robertson

I take it he's completely unaware that a pasting table is only about 6ft in length. Good luck getting eight around it.

Michael Gordon

Don't know what size a paste table is at the dentist's, but mine would only seat two safely and borrowing chairs adds cross contamination at least half a dozen times. He’s drinking to much coffee with herself, eh?

Ian Freestone

I’m starting to think he is actually a parody.

Claire Linton-Hall

You don’t sit that far apart at a table in a restaurant. Utter nonsense.

Care homes

Edinburgh care homes failing to follow PPE and hygiene guidance, a new report finds.

Iain Lancastle

Unfortunately, if we are honest it probably isn't surprising. Personally, I think the care system should be an arm of the NHS , funded by taxation and wholly within the public sector.

John Monaghan

Stop blaming homes, the Scottish government are firmly to blame for policies offering months on non-protection of its most vulnerable citizens. You lock everyone down and still these folk die! And someone tell me how you can not allow a face to face visit with these people since March and the day they die. The world’s gone mad. Get everyone back to normal and do the job of protecting these folk. They are dying alone still. Fund the training properly for staff to adequately control infection.

David Thomson

The staff are probably over worked and underpaid.

Mary Smith

A care worker should be a vocation, with very good training, and be reflected in their income, they are working with very vulnerable individuals. However, someone thought they could save money and anyone could do the job for very poor wages and no qualifications. I personally met a number of people who hated the job but needed money and it was easy to get a job. Being a care worker I can assure you requires a great number of skills, one being infection control, and many more. However allowing care workers to move from home to home is enabling infection to do the same, it should never happen.

Kristine Robinson

Most staff will be doing a great job; there's always a few who don't care.

Audrey Meechan

So care homes are getting blamed again, what a surprise!

Scotty Malotty

Not following PPE and hygiene guidance, yet the private care home CEOs constantly lobby and complain via MSPs and the media demanding free testing of staff and residents funded by the Scottish government. Here’s a suggestion - pay for them yourselves from your massive profits.

Mel Poldark-McKeldrick

It wouldn’t surprise me if it is a lot of key workers like myself that are part of the chain of transmission! I am a psychiatric nurse who also can be called off my ward and into the Covid ward if needed. As a single parent I still have to go home and see to my kids who have been in schools all day and I have to go to supermarkets, chemists and attend appointments, care for my mother etc that are all essential, and then still go into work and care and treat vulnerable patients in a hospital. Regardless of PPE, sometimes patients need instant contact or emergency helpand hands on without time for an extra wash or new set of gloves. So the transmission of the virus will still continue! We can blame the government, people or whatever, the fact is nobody knows and we are learning about this virus. Let’s all be kind to each other. That’s the reality of the cruel world we live in.