Liam Rudden: All the fun, and some not so, of fair

Camille O'Sullivan. Pic: Comp
Camille O'Sullivan. Pic: Comp
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“YOU must see a lot of shows.” That’s probably the line I hear the most at this time of year. Actually, I don’t see that many. I have to pick and choose. Time is simply too tight. However, I do have an expert team of reviewers who go far and beyond the call of duty in August to ensure that we can tip you off about the shows worth seeing and, if necessary, warn you off the bad.

I don’t believe that anyone deliberately goes out of their way to bring a bad show to the Fringe. No matter how ill-conceived, badly produced or amateurishly acted a piece may be, those involved are usually there because they believe in what they do... regardless of the level of self-delusion that might entail.

So far, I’ve caught some good shows, some mediocre, but thankfully no one-star efforts, although they are easiest and most fun to write about.

Jim Davidson at the Assembly Hall on The Mound was one of the first I caught and the Celebrity Big Brother winner was on form, a packed house roaring with laughter, despite the fact that he later admitted to me he found the intimacy of the space challenging.

I also caught another of my favourite laughter makers this week, the simply brilliant Andrew Lawrence, whose wonderfully dark take on the landscape of life never fails to make me, as the kids might say, lol. That’s laugh out loud, not lots of love.

Check out Gary Flockhart’s review of Andrew’s show in tomorrow’s Evening News, and catch him at the Assembly Rooms on George Street.

Playwise, I sat through The Curing Room at The Pleasance Dome, which takes the age old theme of nudity and runs with it. Let’s just say the costume budget is minimal. A brutal and bloody tale, it perhaps needs a paitr of scissors taken to the text but does have the ability to shock.

Over at the Pleasance Courtyard, Keeping Up With The Joans twists and turns nicely and is worth a look if you fancy some afternoon theatre.

Now, time to see Camille.