Liam Rudden: Moxy Hotel is cool for cats, just avoid the freaky dogs

EFFORTLESSLY cool, vibrant and with a sassy edge, Edinburgh’s hottest new hotel threw its doors open this week with a party that quickly established the Moxy Edinburgh Airport as one the Capital’s savviest venues.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 4:13 pm
Updated Friday, 25th January 2019, 4:15 pm

With a heavy bass beat thrumming through the building, the party was in full flow as I arrived, the buzz electric.

Before joining the crowd, a mixture of suits, fashionistas, celebrities and beautiful people, however, my first challenge was to find reception.

With no obvious check in desk, three pillars of skewered books reaching from floor to ceiling provide the welcome. “Check in at the bar...” was the advice of one reveller who had obviously faced the same quandary earlier in the evening and, sure enough, it was that simple.

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It made even more sense when having acquired my room key, a welcome cocktail was offered.

En suite rooms at the Moxy (there are 230 of them in total) have everything you could need of an airport hotel, sleek lighting, clean lines, free wifi and most importantly, supremely comfortable beds.

All of which could be experienced later. Now it was time to dump the bags and get back to the blossoming party, in part being fuelled by Copperhead Gin.

Named after a notorious alchemist in search of the elixir of life, the ‘alchemist’s gin’ as it’s labelled is based on five essential botanicals - angelica, juniper, cardamom, orange peel and coriander seed.

Those subtle flavours make for a nicely refreshing Gin and Tonic. Already available in a number of hotels in the Capital, watch for Copperhead popping up in more venues around the city quite soon.

“Anything can happen at Moxy...” was the reply when I asked about the ethos of the place. Within reason obviously.

The millennial-focused boutique hotel brand, designed for ‘today’s hyper-connected, techy global traveller’ ensures a great atmosphere and fun vibe.

That said, Bowie, Conan Doyle, James Bond as well as a whole host of famous faces from across the decades feature in the books and LPs randomly scattered around the shelves.

Other fun to had on opening night included, for the big kids in attendance, a pillow fight room, a tuck shop laden with sugary flavours and a retro Star Wars pinball machine and table football game.

The quirky design, overseen by Moxy Cuture Officer Baptiste Vérine, brings an eclectic mix of art, sculpture and joie de vivre to the surroundings, with a particularly impressive installation commemorating the afore-mentioned creator of Sherlock Holmes a highlight.

Oh, and then there are the ‘dog cushions’ that watch you as you move around the lounge - they are just too freaky.

Rover and Fido aside tho’, Moxy Edinburgh Airport is a valuable addition to the landscape of the Capital’s gateway to the world.

I just wonder how many of their books and LPs will go walkabout.