Liam Rudden: The Boys are rollin’ home

Bay City Rollers reunion
Bay City Rollers reunion
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With an R.O. double L E.R.S

Bay City Rollers are the best.

That chant, so familiar to a generation, echoed around the Barrowlands over and over, whipping a sea of tartan-clad vintage teenagers into a frenzy of love for the band that had played such a huge part in their youth.

The Bay City Rollers’ long awaited reunion, something that until recently seemed an impossibility was underway. And as Les, Alan and Woody took to the stage, the roar that greeted them proved Rollermania was back, if indeed it had ever been away.

Summerlove Sensation kicked off an 80-minute set during which the three originals mined the Rollers’ back catalogue of hits - Saturday Night, Bye Bye Baby, the compulsory Shangalang, and even Keep On Dancing, Les reminding the audience that when that was a hit, only Alan Longmuir was in the band’s line-up. He and Woody joined a couple of years later.

Alanhad his moment in the spotlight too, singing the album track Rock ‘n’ Roll Honeymoon to the delight of the crowd.

With Leslie McKeown on great form, fewer bands have a more charismatic showman on lead vocals, and Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood producing some blistering guitar solos, the Bay City Rollers knew what their fans wanted and gave them it.

But it wasn’t all nostalgia. Their forthcoming single, Boomerang, proved a beautifully crafted piece of ‘pure, singalong pop’ and boasted a hook as strong as any of their early releases.

Tracks from their new Christmas album received an airing too.

Tonight sees the last of the four sold-out Barrowlands’ gigs, after which the focus shifts to the Capital and two homecoming concerts that are guaranteed to raise the comeback tour to a whole new level.

Glasgow, one fan declared, had been Rollerised! Edinburgh is next.

See you at the Usher Hall on Sunday.