Looking for a sporting spring

Judy Murray helps promote girls' tennis on World Tennis Day.
Judy Murray helps promote girls' tennis on World Tennis Day.
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The summer will be here before long.

The first days of sunshine will already have seen lots of us getting outdoors and active. There are more runners in the parks, the beach volleyball has started on Porty beach and the tennis courts are starting to resound to the sound of ball and racquet - but not everywhere.

We tell the story today of the children at St Anthony’s Primary in Armadale who can’t use their local tennis courts because they are full of potholes and constantly covered in broken glass. It’s a sorry state of affairs, but not an isolated one. Children up and down the country often take part in sport despite decrepit facilities not because of them.

There are of course some excellent facilities in and around the Capital. Indoor and artificial pitches are increasingly allowing sport to take place all through the year. After decades of under investment, however, it is all happening painfully slowly.

The lack of investment in tennis is particularly frustrating. The Murray brothers heroics have inspired a nation who were in large parts indifferent to the game to love it. In a few years, they will have stopped playing at the highest level. What will the lasting legacy be to Scottish sport?