Lynne McCrossan: Advice to help fashion a career

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LIFE isn’t usually filled with Back To The Future moments, so when the opportunity to revisit the past presents itself in a positive way, it is best to say “yes”.

Last week, a decade after leaving the building, I found myself wandering the corridors of my former university campus having been invited to address a room full of students.

When the question and answer portion of the lecture pounced on me, I was poised with honest answers about a career that has had its fair share of ups and downs.

There, third row from the front, was a face that resonated with me.

Her fashion-related question sounded eerily like my own experience at Napier all those years ago.

The only difference being that there was nobody to talk about it when I had those questions.

It felt amazing giving her a little bit of advice on how to enhance her own journey through the experience I’d encountered.

Like anything in life, armed with enough information you are able to make a good go of things.

Once we were finished it felt funny that I had imparted a nugget of knowledge when it feels like ten minutes ago I was walking around those very lecture halls unsure of my next few steps.

They say time goes by in the blink of an eye. I’d never really realised how fast until now.