Lynne McCrossan: Young designers need help

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SITTING across from a panel of fashion industry insiders in the beauty of the Assembly Rooms isn’t an average Friday morning in the Capital.

But listening to the advice they shared with an intimate group that had gathered to hear them speak wasn’t surprising.

For the past year I have visited our country’s finest young designers, grabbing garments off them to photograph, and have kept hearing the same problems roll off different tongues.

“I have no idea where to find a factory, and I’m struggling with orders”, to, “How do I go about getting stocked in shops or department stores?” to the simplistic, “I’m not sure how to take my business forward”.

It struck me how unsupported these creatives are in our country and it broke my heart. I even had one designer tell me she had a five-figure order from ASOS but no means of obligating it because banks wouldn’t administer a business loan.

Since the majority of these young designers fly solo there is no-one to bounce ideas off when a problem occurs in their studio. So, sitting in the panel discussion set up by Scotland Re:Designed I was thrilled these guys finally had a forum to come together and speak.

We are on the cusp of a creative rebirth in Scotland. Nurturing these young design talents and keeping them here is so important. I’m thrilled they finally have a place to group together and prosper.