Mac Twins: Always on the fringe of things

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Mother! Stock the fridge and prepare the neighbours “We’re-a- comin’ home”!

Apologies for our absence, we’ve had a few months of power down (eternal thanks for everyone’s support!) but now the Mac machine is back on maximum battery, with a full tank and ready to steam ahead into the Edinburgh Festival.

Let us set the scene, a cold evening in December, huddled in the Blackbird with a strong whisky alongside its owner Colin and a theatre producer from Texas.

We’re dwelling on the fact we’re not home enough and musing about how nice it would be to make audience members feel as cosy and content as this whilst watching a show outwith the clinical confines of a black theatre box.

Our thoughts then turn to the Edinburgh festival and how our family and friends from Edinburgh need to get more involved and not “avoid the toon for fear of men juggling fire on unicycles” and embrace the rest of the world descending on their home town.

These two thoughts collided in a mist of Jack Daniels and the idea for our new chat show was born …

To give a bit of context, we met Martin and Colin (Owners of the Blackbird, Hamiltons and Treacle) on a bus travelling to Nashville of all places. We were out filming a documentary in Tennessee and we heard a Scottish and Irish accent bantering up the back so knew we’d instantly be pals (as happens any time you’re abroad when you clock a fellow homelander!).

We love their approach to running their bars, all their unique ideas and the punters they attract, so we knew one of their venues would be the ideal watering hole for the show.

“Mac Yourself at Home” will be debuting at the Fringe this year and the best way to describe it is a cross between Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, the generation game, Lorraine Kelly’s living room and a Hogmany house party.

We’ll be joined by a headline comedian/act, a Scottish celebrity and a performing act or two every show (guests announced on Twitter @themactwins), and we’ll play games and chat to them whilst you sup custom-made Irn Bru cocktails, munch on chippie chips and sit comfortably within the warmth and bustle of the pub, with all you need for a night of entertainment coming to you!

The last time we did the Fringe together was 2007, we were sneaking around the ruins of Craigmiller Castle so it will be nice to first be in out of the pouring rain and second, speaking to the Fringe stars we admire.

We’d love you to come along so mum doesn’t have to buy all the tickets.

August 9,15,16, 22 and 23. £10.