Mac Twins: Bath or shower?

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ITV daytime telly addicts will be aware that we appeared on The Alan Titchmarsh Show yesterday, doing what we do best – quibbling with each other. On this occasion, instead of borrowed clothes or chastising one another’s tardiness, we decided to debate one of life’s greatest quandaries – do you prefer showers or baths?

In the interest of fairness we thought we’d split the article down the middle – two sides, two stories. You decide.


I like baths, the bath was where Archimedes had his “Eureka” moment, he discovered how to measure the volume of irregular objects by climbing in, observing the water displacement slopping over the sides and discovered one of science’s great revelations. Clever chap.

What’s been discovered in the shower? Herbal Essences smells nice? Or that ANY female celebrity on I’m A Celebrity can have their own bikini range after spending five minutes stood under a waterfall?

Life is stressful, particularly with Alana in it. We need a moment or two of quiet reflection whilst soaking, and more importantly being parted from our beloved phones, for fear of dripping fingers and water damage.

The clue’s in the name – bathroom, the bath’s the best bit. What’s a bathroom without a bath? A toilet. And who wants to wash in a toilet?


The purpose of a bath/shower is to get us fresh and smelling sweet. How is this possible when you are lying in your own filth? It’s doing the exact opposite of its intention. The reality of stewing in your own juices is emerging with a purple face and looking like a pickled prune.

Life is simply too busy for baths. Who has got time when they are running late for work/school/social event to wait ten minutes to run a bath and get more hot and bothered sitting in it for a further ten minutes, now 20 minutes late for said activity and precisely 20 litres of water wasted. It is much more eco friendly, time efficient and salubrious to jump in a quick shower. “Cleaner, Faster” is the motto of modern-day society!

There is also no paddling away from the fact that baths are extremely boring. The idea of a few candles, a glass of wine and a book sound tantalising but, in reality, you’re sweating more than you do at the gym, you slip trying to reach over for your wine that you left by the sink, and your favourite Christmas present – your beloved Kindle – has gone down the plug hole with the rest of the suds. Eh, how?


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