Mac Twins: Positive New Year

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It seems only right and proper we share the things we’ll be taking into the new year, primarily because we can’t go back on them because they’re here for all to see.

Christmas is a different beast altogether when it is a sad occasion instead of a joyous, hopeful one. However it does will you into the new year, marching in defiance in search of the happiness that once was and setting milestones and aims to help you tick off the days. Now for the ten little rays of light..

1. Mini projects – Little projects to make the bigger picture of life that little bit more achievable. We’re pretty sure someone told us this in nursery whilst building a polygon tower, but it’s not really rung true until recently. And what made that bell gloriously ring? Knitting. Yes, the clicking of those needles and the little woollen bundles of accomplishment make the days go quicker, and, most importantly, keeps you off social media.

2. Learning basic survival – We took a trip up to the Cairngorms over the festive season (minus 12 degrees!) and our inability to quickly and efficiently light a fire was pretty distressing. We can now get flames roaring in Arctic conditions, feel more assured going into the wilderness this year and urge everyone to re-visit their Brownie and Scout handbooks!

3. Start – Sometimes the magnitude of everything you want to do in your lifetime is so overwhelming that you don’t do any of them at all. Read all of Game of Thrones, re-visit chess, triathlon training – the list trundles on and on. Divide your goals into “This Week” and “This Month” and perhaps get a buddy to cross-tick things with.

4. Look forward with new things – Lisa has literally cleared her room of everything, CDs are on Music Magpie, clothes are (slowly!) up on Ebay. Life doesn’t feel the same and nor should it, so start to bring things into your life that make you look to the future, that’s not to say chuck everything you’ve ever owned, but it does feel great. Promise.

5. Roast tatties – Don’t parboil your roast potatoes, fully boil them, leave them to dry, smother them in goose fat and whack in the oven. Thank us later (and thanks to Brian P). If you have been doing this forever, then swap number 5 for the discovery of hot yoga, something that also includes boiling!

6. New traditions - Regular occasions make us feel warm and fuzzy and are great at marking milestones and ensuring we see the people we want to see. If your traditions suddenly have a hole in them and someone is missing, make new ones! School reunions, introducing your parents to your best mates’ parents, skinny dipping at Cramond on New Year’s Day!

7. Celebrities – Some (not all!) of us are obsessed with the lives of people we don’t know, it’s escapism and often good reading. We’ve started a little game that whenever we read something about someone in the public eye we text a friend to ask them if they’ve ever done it, and voila! the focus is now on someone you care about.

8. Transport – Get the bus instead of driving alone, reduces your carbon footprint and reminds you there are other people in the world.

9. Online medical help – No Good comes of Googling your symptoms if you’re ill, we’ve wasted so many hours and anxiety doing this. If you’re really concerned NHS system checker or NHS 24 are both great.

10. Bitterness – A tough year can be a hard pill to swallow, but if you’re negative the only person that suffers is you. Lean on others, but try to appease yourself, grit your teeth through the roller coaster of 2015, you don’t have to take anything we’ve said with you, but let’s all strap in and go.