Mac Twins: Sound of Wedding Belles

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Yes, someone is finally willing to put up with Alana for well… forever.

She has a rock on her finger, a grin wider than the Clyde and can talk of nothing else but her upcoming nuptials. By birth I have been designated the coveted role of “Maid Of Honour”.

I’m still frantically grappling with what this actually means, hoping a “captain fun” approach will cover all my responsibilities, but everyone I’ve spoken to suggests otherwise.

Alana has been planning her wedding since she could walk, admittedly rather late in our case as I believe we were two due to excessive tyres weighing us down, but as soon as she was on her feet she was ambling down the hallway with a towel on her head and a bouquet of rhubarb from the garden.

I, on the other hand, was plotting elaborate escape plots from Mother Mac, but mostly from these faux weddings. Despite having to look at the budget 72 times to believe it (red roses cost HOW MUCH?), my 26-year-old self is rather more willing to engage with the real thing than the fugitive toddler bridesmaid I once was.

Having all my friends in once place, an abundance of cheese, a nice frock, icing sugar aplenty and seeing Alana’s dog comically dressed in a kilt.

Yes, I can get on board with all of these things and these are the things that I shall focus on through the matrimonial jungle of bands (both wedding and musical), best men, beverages and birds – yes an owl can deliver your rings, I have vetoed it, unless it is Hedwig.

Due to 20 years of planning, Alana is armed with scrapbooks, apps, a lovely wedding planner and a fiance with the patience of Naomi Campbell’s PA, which does lighten my duties considerably. I thought I’d share some of these for brides to be, but also for bridesmaids who are also fumbling around in the dark trying to offer advice…


This is basically like a virtual pinboard, to post ideas on to and you can keep it private if you don’t want anyone else poaching your ideas. Alana updates this at all hours in the morning, so presumably it’s great for sudden flashes of inspiration and is also a handy tool when explaining your ideas to decorators and dress designers.

The Knot


This website is full to brim with things to remember and a gazilion different ideas, the “real weddings” section is great as you get to snoop at other people’s weddings without having to fork out for a gift or get stuck next to great-aunt Betsy telling you how her wedding cost thruppence and they were quite happy. However the database service is only assigned to Canada and the United States, so unless you’re planning your nuptials in Missouri or on a Texas range, this website is just for inspiration.

Pretty Woman Bridal


This gorgeous shop is based in Earlston Place and, despite Alana’s wedding not being until 2016, they’re more than happy to take us all for bridesmaid dress fittings early, we’re going this month! These gorgeous frocks are a far cry from taffeta and bright pink blancmange so my hopes for a pleasing gown are well on track.

Wish me luck one and all, I need it.