Mac Twins: Why losing weight is heavy duty

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IS our obsession with weight off the scale? Operation “bikini bod” season has begun.

But when does the balance tip from wanting to look slender on your holiday lounger to being miserable?

As we type, we are tipping what can only be described as gunge down our gullets. It has spirulina, kale, spinach and beetroot mushed up in a toddler style fashion. After this we shall log everything we consume in our My Fitness Pal app and it’ll work out how many calories we need to burn off today. Firstly there is nothing “pally” about this process, and secondly when on earth did a “cup” become a unit of measurement? Half a cup of turkey? Eh?

Is this just us looking after our bodies, or are we taking the fun out of eating? Is this simply a project to keep us ticking over? A mix of the three we reckon, but there is something satisfying about feeling in control of everything you eat and tracking your day by mouthfuls rather than minutes.

But is this unit of measurement sending a dangerous message out to our generation? We have clearly fallen for it hook, line and sinker. For better or worse, calories printed on our biscuit packets have made us give the fifth Rich Tea a second thought. Is logging every “kcal” just the next logical step?

Lisa’s recently put on a stone and a half from genuinely being happy; happy at Christmas, happy eating burgers, happy not caring. These little fat deposits represent little globules of joy and indifference. Is the torture of burning them away representative of how unhappy we are as we strive for physical perfection? Will the unhappiness and hard work of waving them goodbye negate how happiness got them there in the first place? Why is happiness even related to weight in the first place?

After years of being a dancer and doing modelling where her body is her “tool”, Alana’s realised it’s the mantra of “everything in moderation” that prevails. Extreme fitness and minimal eating isn’t sustainable and the 80/20 rule of a 80 per cent balanced diet and 20 per cent Domino’s, Luca’s and whatever else you like, generally keeps your body and cravings living harmoniously.

We stress that we work-out because we love the endorphins and we drink shakes and all the organic fripperies because they make us feel good.

That is not to say we do not feel the pressures society brings us and perhaps we like all these things because they give us results. We’re just being honest and certainly not telling readers to rush away and eat only baby food and run for 500 miles a day.

One thing we’re sure of: the beach will still be sandy, the sangria will still taste sweet and the banana boat will still be heinously overpriced regardless of how your body looks. It’s OK to want to look good, it’s OK to eat healthy green mush, it’s OK to do the Insanity work-out until your thighs burn. But when we can’t smile from lack of energy – it has to stop.


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