Mark Williams: ‘We never give up on serious crime’

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This month I want to start by reflecting on the outcome of the World’s End murder enquiry.

For more than 37 years police investigators and prosecutors have worked tirelessly to bring Angus Sinclair to justice and on November 14 he was convicted of the murders of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie.

I want to pay tribute to all the professional and committed work that led to his conviction and take this opportunity to stress that as a service we never give up on serious crimes and will always relentlessly pursue those responsible.

WE are now entering the run-up to the festive season and, as you may have seen in the Evening News, we recently launched our policing initiative “Operation Greenland”. It’s really important, particularly at this time of year, that you do all you can to keep yourself and your property safe.

Thousands of people will enjoy the shopping, nightlife and festive attractions in the city and there are a few simple precautions you can take to keep safe – have a plan for getting home at the end of the night; stick with your mates; don’t drink to excess and make yourself vulnerable; and make sure you think of transport plans the next day if you have consumed a lot of “Christmas spirit” the night before.

At home, remember not to leave valuable gifts in poorly secured sheds and garages as this is the first port of call for an opportunist thief, and use reputable and secure websites if you are shopping online.

THIS week the Scottish Government has released the official performance statistics for the first year of Police Scotland, and I wanted to remind readers of some of the changes and improvements we have made over the last 18 months. In particular, we have prioritised our response to domestic abuse, sexual crime and violence and this has led to a drop in violent crime and improvements for victims in how we support them.

We also cut the number of children injured on our roads and have seen reductions in disorder and antisocial behaviour. Importantly, despite what the first year results might say, we have re-prioritised housebreaking and lately this continues to show a big improvement on last year.

ALL of our local activity is focused on priorities you have raised and over 6000 of you shaped our policing plan for the Capital. I am committed to maintaining that community focus and, as we move into next spring and a new performance year, I expect there to be an even greater spotlight on local issues so we can continue to respond to the concerns that matter most to you.

Chief Superintendent Mark Williams