Martin Hannan: Beware Westminster’s revenge

Independence supporters react to the loss. Picture: Getty
Independence supporters react to the loss. Picture: Getty
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This day, we are all still Scots, and British, but forget all this nice “move on together” stuff. Not because we Yes voters can’t stomach defeat, but because Westminster wants revenge.

The matter of independence is not ended, but it certainly has begun. People want to explore politics as never before. From across Scotland there will be a howl of frustrated anguish. It will not be silenced.

Within the discipline of democracy, we SNP members will accept the defeat and move on. And Scotland will move on, certainly for our youth. The fact is that the majority of elderly people – as is their perfect right – voted No, mostly because they feared change and were scared stiff over pensions. I have always said that independence is inevitable, because people of my age and above will die, and the younger generation have much more confidence in Scotland than us wrinklies.

Here is my prediction: the next general election will deliver a Tory majority government in Westminster. Scotland will once again be ruled by the rapacious rich. The Scottish electorate will realise they have been conned, and elect another SNP majority in Holyrood in 2016, specifically campaigning for a new referendum. The Tories will ignore us and hold a referendum on the European Union. England will vote to withdraw, leaving Scotland in its usual place – having a disastrous decision imposed on us. Then, maybe, all Scots will learn.