Martin Hannan: Jet-setting PM’s Con Air insult

Cameron and Osborne have no quarter for the poor. Picture: PA
Cameron and Osborne have no quarter for the poor. Picture: PA
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If anyone ever needed proof that the Conservative government is totally out of touch with reality in Britain today, it came with the revelation that David Cameron and his fellow ministers are to get their own version of Air Force One so that they can fly hither and thither, screwing things up even more quickly than before.

What on earth are they thinking? Do they not realise that their evil – and I will use that word until they stop – actions against the poor and needy mean that they cannot just award themselves a £10 million jet aircraft with impunity?

Let me give you a reaction from a political party to such nonsense – “it’s the wrong moment to be splashing out taxpayers’ money on funding the government to travel in style”.

Labour? SNP? No, that was the official reaction of the CONSERVATIVES when Tony Blair started kicking around the idea of a ministerial jet. In one of his more sensible moves, ­Gordon Brown blocked the plan as Chancellor and kicked it completely out of bounds when he entered No 10.

So how come the Tories’ views are so different nowadays? Oh, that will be because they are in power.

The sheer hypocrisy of Cameron and crew almost beggars belief. We are the government of austerity, they say, but that will be austerity for the poor and disabled, and not for us – we’re going to have our own private jet and you lot can just get on with your miserable taxpaying lives.

Other countries have such aircraft they say. Well I checked and yes, most of the G8 countries have special jets for their leaders – but most of them, such as Russia and the US, have elected heads of state and David Cameron, thank God, is not that.

With this idea, the Conservatives in government prove once and for all that they are disgusting, despicable and abhorrent. They are nauseating, shameless, utterly beneath contempt, and the lowest of the low masquerading as higher powers. They are unquestionably, unpardonably evil in their intent – for what could be more evil than to wage war on the poor to pay for your own creature comforts?

Don’t give me that guff that the scheme will save £775,000 a year – even if it does, and I seriously doubt it, it will take almost 13 YEARS to accumulate enough savings to justify the initial £10m spending.

I am calling Cameron and crew for what they are – wicked men, vile in their abominable actions. I would call for a revolution to remove these people from power by force, but I am a democrat so we’ll just save up our anger and get rid of them in 2019, or quicker if Scotland can be independent before then.

As an SNP member, it is my belief that the Old Etonians and Bullingdon Club set do not represent the vast majority of Conservatives, never mind English people as a whole. But they are in power now, and Cameron and Osborne must be called for what they are – repulsive exploiters of the poor who care nothing for anyone outside their class.

If they are One Nation Tories, I’m a supermodel.

Still, at least we can call the new jet a name – Airhead Force One or Con Air will do for a start.