Martin Hannan: No place for us in Hate Britain

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So it has begun, this evil war on the poor.

The bedroom tax has come home to roost, and the poor are suffering while the rich and stupid sneer. In Manchester and on Merseyside, in London boroughs and Yorkshire cities, aye, and here in Scotland, too, the threat of eviction is being hurled down on poor people, many of whom cannot fight their corner when it comes to the necessary court 

Now we have the Citizens Advice Bureau publishing information on how to feed yourself when you have no money because of benefit cuts and the bedroom tax.

I have to ask in all honesty, has Britain gone completely mad? Poor people are being flung out of homes they may have lived in for decades simply because their children grew up and left home – insanity, writ large.

It happened to Irene Lockett in Kirkby recently, when she was evicted after 20 years in her council house because she could not afford to pay £23.24 bedroom tax per week on the rooms vacated by her departed kids. And don’t think that is an isolated incident – 3000 people have already been taken to court in Manchester.

It’s the same in Sheffield and all over England, and it’s starting to happen here in Scotland.

North Lanarkshire sent out its first eviction warnings last week, despite being a Labour council opposed to the tax. I’m told other councils, even those run by my party, the SNP, will have no choice but to eventually comply with this evil – yes, evil – legislation passed by the most corrupt and venal government in British history, the coalition of Cameron, pictured, Clegg and the other posh toffs who have never had to worry about where their next meal was coming from.

How have we come to this in so-called tolerant Britain, where the welfare state is supposed to be proof that we are at heart a kindly lot who won’t see our neighbours put out on the street?

Events are proving otherwise, and the stinking clamour of ignorant and petty-minded media types pandering to the worst excesses of the deranged right wing of the Tory Party has made it somehow acceptable for citizen to despise citizen, just because they are on benefits.

As an SNP member, I want independence so that we can build a better, fairer Scotland, but increasingly I want independence so we can get out of this immoral state called Britain.

I reject this Britain that wages war on the poor while allowing the super-rich and the corporate chums of bent politicians to get richer.

I despise this Britain with its state suppression machine which illegally locks up the partner of a journalist simply because that journalist revealed facts which were embarrassing not even to the UK but the US.

I utterly detest a Britain in which millions upon millions are spent each week on our Trident nuclear weapons, while cancer research remains chronically underfunded.

Dear God, what has Britain come to? The war on the poor is here and it’s real, and the rich and their slaves in government are winning.

For now. Because in time, people will realise just how fundamentally immoral this coalition government is.

That time is too far away – next September, we must resign from the immoral British state.

Don’t ask me.. I’ll just slope off

Having played them both in my younger days, I only hope that Lothianburn Golf Club can survive in a new link with Swanston New GC.

If all sides work together then I’m sure a solution can be found – just don’t ask me to play either course as the old knees just couldn’t take those Pentland slopes.

Tattoo makes it’s usual mark

Still the best show in town is the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and those who saw this year’s production for the first time on television last night will have been delighted to see that the Tattoo is up to its usual standard.

No doubt about the hit of the show – forget all those military types, young Archie Goodburn’s solo with What a Wonderful World left nary a dry eye on the Esplanade every night.

The 12-year-old Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools pupil was one of a 50-strong choir from the school. I’m told that at first, the soldiers were a bit sniffy about performing with kids, but they were soon won over by the professionalism of the junior choir.

Bang on the money

Well that’s the Fringe done, but the International Festival soldiers on. My final recommendation – the Fireworks Concert, the best anywhere (as long as it doesn’t rain!).

No need for haste in move to 20mph zones

At first glance the council’s plan to make every residential area in the city into a 20mph zone for traffic looks quite reasonable. But like every motorist who travels through the city regularly, I am well aware of parts of the city where it is perfectly safe to drive at 30mph in built-up areas, because there are so few pedestrians and little traffic about.

Putting in a 20mph blanket limit is clearly just a less expensive alternative to traffic-calming measures, so I suggest to our cash-obsessed council that they look at each area on a case-by-case basis as that will end up even cheaper.