Michelle’s not so loopy in Leith

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NOT so daft. Michelle Phillips head-cheffed in a tea house on Morningside Road called Loopy Lorna’s. It won her Scottish Casual Dining Chef of the Year in 2009.

Now she and husband Michael have swapped the rarefied atmosphere of toffee-nosed territory for the saltiness of Leith’s Shore and opened Mimi’s Bakehouse, the water close to lapping on its door. Why Mimi’s? The first letters of Michelle, above, and Michael’s Christian names. Maybe inspired by Mimi, a hit Rodgers and Hart movie song sung by Maurice Chevalier. Wasn’t a Michelle Phillips one of the Mamas and Papas?

Music apart, the 45-seater bakehouse, open seven days, sells its own goodies nine to five. She is behind the concept of introducing working breakfasts down there, stovies a feature.

A touch of the mamas about the place, mind you. There’s a distinct mumsy feel about it and two of the daughters are on the staff.

Off the rails

Not just boring. Monumentally boring. Tracker Portillo has gone off the rails after journeying the UK in the Beeb’s 6.30 slot forever. In his place they’ve shunted Martin Dorey.

Martin who? Appearing from nowhere, he’s One man and his Campervan. Martin Dorey and his wretched wheels are doing the country, county by county, foraging for eats by the roadside and rivers. We’ve seen all that before. The oysters, the lobsters, the wild garlic. And, yawn, he keeps showing everybody, short of the sheep, round his trusty van.

Do-re-mi. Plenty hair. But utterly bereft of charisma. Like the rural roads he’s towing viewers along week after week.

Send me the Portillo I dream on. This sorry series brings to mind an American rock band in the Eighties called Camper Van Beethoven that I used to spin on my turntable.