Michelle Thomson: Diary of a New MP, Day 1

Michelle Thomson
Michelle Thomson
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Quite a crowd of us new SNP MPs on the same flight, sharing stories about our election successes.

Arrival at Westminster was a lesson in efficiency. We were welcomed by everyone we met and were schooled in some of the processes.

I’ve always been good at hitting the ground running and remind myself that it’s normal to feel slightly anxious about all I don’t know. I reassure myself that there are another 50 people feeling much the same.

Nicola arrives for a photo-call. The usual mayhem ensues.

She really is a huge draw for the media and our group has evidently caused quite a stir. That’s good. It’s exactly what we intend to do!

Who could fail to be moved by the sense of history in these buildings? The Palace of Westminster makes me catch my breath. I allow myself a moment to reflect on the fact that I am an MP, not a visitor.

Quick sandwich at about 4.30pm before checking into my hotel and then back to Westminster.

When will I get time to address the flood of e-mails or call the family? I sense that this level of full-on activity is the way things will be now.

Tomorrow brings an induction, a slot on Woman’s Hour and being followed about by the BBC as a new Member.

I only hope they don’t take my advice on how to find their way around.