Michelle Thomson: Diary of a New MP, Day 2

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An idle moment at 4.30 this morning so I take a look through my welcome pack.

There is a bewildering array of documents, most of which will need several more readings. MPs operate small businesses with responsibilities for employees, their tax and contracts, but that’s familiar ground.

Am keen to get a constituency office up and running as soon as I can so that there’s a place for people to come to. Meanwhile, I’ve got my e-mail address – michelle.thomson.mp@parliament.uk – so the good people of Edinburgh West can start to contact me for help or advice.

Went to the BBC for Woman’s Hour with Jane Garvey. Bright, sparky lady who strikes just the right balance between drawing out your thoughts and good challenges. Interest in our SNP group is huge and our lead on the number of female MPs has been noticed too. Jane is impressed with the calibre and experience we bring and notes how refreshing it is to have lawyers, doctors and businesswomen on board.

Straight back to Westminster to tackle some immediate admin, then our first SNP Group meeting. Must seem a bit strange for the re-elected six to suddenly have another 50 MPs. I listen a lot and say little. It’s a good approach as I start to absorb all the challenges ahead.

Luxury! Early evening gives me half an hour listening to some remarkable singing in Westminster Abbey, then I’m back to a final meeting.

Tomorrow brings induction proper so another early start to get e-mails handled before that begins. Early night I think!