Michelle Thomson: Diary of a New MP, final entry

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MY last diary entry as a “newbie” MP. I have learned a great deal and already feel that this strange new life belongs to me and I to it.

Looking forward to this week: the State Opening of Parliament, The Queen’s Speech where we shall listen for our meat to debate and wrongfoot the Government, and to the actual debates.

The Government wants to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a “Bill of Rights” – this we shall vigorously oppose and we hope we can find support from the Labour MPs to do the same.

It’ll be the SNP debate on Thursday about William McNeilly’s revelations about lack of safety and security at Faslane – it’s interesting to note that no other political party seems to feel these breaches are worthy of any consideration.

Perhaps it is a case of “out of sight, out of mind” for most Westminster MPs who think of the location of Trident as “somewhere up there” and definitely “not in my backyard”.

My maiden speech looms and I am finalising which area I should focus on.

My brief of “Business, Innovation & Skills” is vast. I relish giving voice to both the constituents of Edinburgh West and to our businesses across Scotland.

In my constituency, these are mainly small businesses but the headquarters of RBS, the Royal Highland Society and Edinburgh Airport are all there too. These are big players!