‘Most drivers will breathe a sigh of relief’

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THE state of the Capital’s roads have been compared unfavourably with third world countries by international visitors.

Almost a third of the city’s roads are in need of “substantial repairs”, according to an official survey, and it will take sustained investment of tens of millions of pounds over several years to put things right.

So, on the surface, it would be madness to put pothole repairs on hold for a year or more on some of our busiest roads. And yet most motorists will breathe a sigh of relief on reading today’s news that vital resurfacing work is being postponed on Old Dalkeith Road and other key routes.

As long as our main roads are in a tolerable state – if only just – and while the tram works continue to create traffic havoc, then these works should be put on hold.

The simple truth is that drivers are sick to the back teeth of seemingly endless roadworks. What they want the council to do is not rocket science, it is just to make a decent fist of co-ordinating repairs so that large parts of the city are not dug up at the same time.

Of course, if we suffer another harsh winter which causes the road surfaces to crack up, then we will have to think again.

But, in the meantime, many people are having enough trouble dodging potholes and cracked pavements before they get on to the main roads.

There is plenty of work on our side streets to keep the repair teams busy until the tram works are sorted out.

Crowning glory

IT is shaping up to be an event fit for a Queen.

You have to wonder quite what Mary would have made of the transformation and lockdown of her birthplace to welcome the “royalty” of the fashion world.

But despite the inconvenience and disruption caused in the local community, attracting such a high-profile event as the Chanel fashion show has to be seen as a major coup for the Lothians.

It may be a bit tricky getting around Linlithgow for a day or two, but when you consider the exposure for the area, the financial boost for local businesses and the excitement generated by having Hollywood A-listers in town, then it has to be worth it.

Exactly who is on the guest list is likely to remain a closely guarded secret.

But then if reports of a convoy of limousines ferrying 400 guests from Edinburgh on the night are correct then there should be plenty of opportunity to spot the guests – stuck in traffic.