‘Never gonna work’ - readers have their say on plans to ban traffic at the Shore

Revellers could enjoy more sunshine on Leith after proposals have been tabled to hand over a waterfront street to the public this summer.

Monday, 15th April 2019, 10:04 am
Updated Monday, 15th April 2019, 10:09 am

It will allow shops to spill out on to the pavements they don’t own.

Eric Paton

It’s turning into Disneyland.

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Alex Peters

The best effect it could have on buses is that it won’t wreck their suspension. The surface quality is abysmal and if you are on a bus you can be thrown around roughly. Forgot to say that when I was wee, buses only served the Shore during peak hours.

William Kay

Fantastic idea. Nice bit of weather and the place would be full of locals enjoying themselves,

Bradley Cull

I don’t believe the residents support this (being one myself). This is an attempt to turn the historic Shore into a partyland - a bit like Princes Street in winter. The character of the Shore is built around its bars and restaurants, not the cheap festival area that is being promoted by people with zero insight into what makes a city work well. Residents first and tourists second should be the council’s mantra.

Caroline Currie

There must be a competition in the council for the most moronic idea. I reckon this bad boy is in the top three. Other top ideas: banning all vehicles in favour of teleportation devices and replacing all residents with tourists.

Tamas Fazakas

Never gonna work. Restaurants need produce delivered.

Mikey Andrew Barrett

If it’s closing, how about fixing the large crater on the road at the Shore. Three years ago it was filled with tar, but it’s worse than ever now.

Graham Mclean

Why don’t the council just ban cars altogether in our city? Dictatorship, that’s what they want, telling us how to live our lives. No cars? Sorry, we want to do it our way.

Allister Dall

Roll on next local council elections. Let’s get rid off all the clowns who are trying to make this city a mockery to the residents.

Jim Moss

You can just picture some wee nobody from the council sitting in the Shore and being annoyed by the traffic and coming up with this idiotic proposal - sending all the traffic through tiny streets to exit onto Bernard Street.

Gary Morwood

It would be great if there were no cars. I’d give up mine if everybody else did. They take over our lives. At the moment it’s cars first and people second.

William Edgar

Councillors McVey and Booth should focus more on fixing things like po holes and bin collections rather than waste time on these pointless schemes that just waste money. The Shore has and always will be a popular area regardless. Also, don’t forget you’re relying on the Scottish summer here!

Philip Cook

Clowncil lunatics in form, as usual!

George Cormack

I agree with the plan. The air quality in Edinburgh is abysmal. It’s choking me, and imagine the damage it’s doing to young pink lungs.

Ellen Watters

Cue DPD and Yodel vans abandoned as close to Shore as possible, possibly blocking Bernard Street etc.

Connor Knox

Been saying it for years. All access available through Timber Bush and Maritime Street, no brainier in the summer months.

Colin Simpson

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Listen to the people who matter, who live there!

Maureen Samuel

About time potholes almost break my back on a daily basis.

Gary Arnold