Plans for a £120 million Edinburgh bypass flyover at Sheriffhall have drawn a mixed reaction from Edinburgh residents

It is hoped the proposals will tackle congestion and long delays at what has been dubbed “Edinburgh’s worst roundabout.” -Here are some of your responses

Friday, 6th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 6th December 2019, 5:25 pm

They could, of course, reopen the railway lines to Bonnyrigg, Rosewell, Achendinny and Penicuik, plus Gilmerton, Loanhead and Roslin; and maybe a P&R station at Leadburn too. That would make a huge difference!

Paul Harvey

Need a flyover from the M8 at the Hermiston Gait roundabout onto the bypass just as much.

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Jamie Young

The problem isn’t the roundabout, it’s the whole bypass! Too much traffic and not enough lanes! £120m, yet 24,000 children have applied to the Xmas mission for presents this Xmas and all those homeless! And don’t even want to think about the disruption this is going to cause!

Pamela Foy

The whole of the bypass needs upgraded. The roundabout ain’t that bad to get around. It’s then blocked basically from Gilmerton to Baberton westbound every morning.

Brian Massey

Needs doing, but it will take 10 years of chaos to get there and won’t help the issues with the rest of the bypass.

Bex Carton

They need to widen the road. I realise the logistical problems with all the bridges and current infrastructure, but I’m sure some of the country’s many engineering firms could come up with solutions if they put the work out to tender.

Alex Aitchison

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That’s fine, but the whole bypass needs upgraded as it is no longer fit for purpose. The amount of traffic using it must be two to three times more than it was designed for. With all the new houses that have been built and are being built since the bypass opened, it’s no wonder is always congested.

Kevin James Dickson

Excellent....but then they are going to have to fix the Newcraighall one. It was better before the lights.

Meg Anderson

A flyover over the whole bypass would be a better idea - get cracking.

Steven Doyle

No provision for cyclists at all from what I can see. There are loads of cyclists coming in from Dalkeith and up the A7.

Ali Grieve

Save the £120 million and just switch off the lights on the roundabout and it runs fine.

David Malcolm

You’ll have to leave your hoose fully dressed and fed, ‘cos there won’t be time to eat breakfast and change out of your pyjamas while queuing any more.

Stuart Vasepuru

Extended car park - great, look forward to it.

Sean Findlay

Love the picture, it will never look like that, they’ve eliminated 99% of the traffic!

Frances Petrie-Hay

All very well until you get to the Granada roundabout, then it will be queues there.

Wullie Gunn

Planning indecision

Considering that it took from the 1940s till the 1980s to get the Edinburgh bypass due to planning and indecision, expect the same about the fly over.

Sarah Jane Flynn

And can they make the roads and the lights at the roundabout coming from Eskbank double lanes, so people who want to go left don’t have to wait in a queue of cars for people going right?

Martino Manganiello

“It is hoped”... So they don’t actually know if it will work?

Peter Annand

It will just move the problem further west.

Edwin Mitchell

I cannot understand why this country still builds infrastructure that was needed 20 years ago and not will be needed in 20 years time. A bit more forethought and it would save costs in the future.

Robert Whyte

It will mean the queue will start at the A1 junction at Old Craighall. Maybe they will consider improving the junction there.

David Bewsey

Glasgow’s’ road network is far superior to ours in Edinburgh. I don’t think a flyover is the answer, more lanes would help!

Gillian Miller

Ach, I like Sheriffhall roundabout. I sit and eat my breakfast while parked there in the car most mornings.

Stuart Foley

We don’t need more lanes on the bypass, we need fewer cars. More people on public transport. More car sharing. If you look at cars on the bypass most contain one person. This isn’t sustainable. As Andy McDonald said this week “You cannot road-build your way out of a climate crisis”. Change is coming whether people like it or not.

Fergus Hayne

The bypass was never designed to carry the traffic that it does. The bypass was only a small part of the plan. If they had completed the other roads as well then it would have been a lot less traffic on it. For me, 30 months travel morning and night was enough. It’s a hellish road.

Gavin Spence

I fail to see how a flyover will help alleviate traffic congestion on the bypass. You might get past Sheriffhall a bit quicker but the same congestion will still be there only worse with the amount of new homes being built in Shawfair, Midlothian and Straiton - it’s a joke.

Carmen Williamson