Police needed in the community

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The arrival of the warmer summer weather won’t be welcomed with unalloyed joy by everyone.

For some, the lighter nights and warmer temperatures come at a cost. The seemingly unavoidable side effect in some neighbourhoods is the nightmare of persistent antisocial behaviour.

Late night noise, minor vandalism and petty theft are a nuisance at the best of times. When they happen repeatedly outside your door, then the impact on your quality of life can be enormous. Living with the dread of ‘what might happen next’ eats away at your peace of mind.

The problems are far more serious in some places, as the staff at Liberton GP surgery - where rocks have been thrown at the building while cleaners work inside - will attest. The damage inflicted on Musselburgh Racecourse that we report on today is just another example of an issue being experienced across the city.

Tackling such “low level” crime is much harder when officers are increasingly based outside the communities they work in.

The growing demands of policing protests and other public events puts a further strain on police resources in the Capital. It is vital our community policing doesn’t suffer as a result.