Rylan running the Tory Party? I’d believe anything these days – Hayley Matthews

I’m on the panel for this weekend’s Seven Days through in Glasgow at BBC Scotland HQ and I’m excited to be chatting about the news over the last seven days.

Monday, 1st July 2019, 6:00 am
Could Rylan cope with meeting Donald Trump? Picture: PA
Could Rylan cope with meeting Donald Trump? Picture: PA

The Tory leadership chat I’m sure will feature highly on the agenda and with things changing daily I have to admit, it’s hard work and exhausting trying to keep up with what’s what.

The public ribbing of who’s done what, fell out and argued with who, taken whatever drugs and had eggs for their breakfast really doesn’t interest me. I don’t trust either of the remaining candidates and I fear Boris will be leading us to a chaotic Brexit sooner than we can say Jeremy Hunt!

But we do have a good chuckle on the show about the state things are in because if you can’t laugh about it then I think we’d all cry.

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UK politics have gotten so incredibly farcical that I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned on the news to hear that Rylan was now going to be running the Tory Party.

Could you imagine Rylan and DonaldTrump sitting round a table making some stark business negotiation small talk? No neither can I, and that is what, to me, makes it entirely possible.

I have BBC breakfast news on most morning and feel like I’m watching a Punch and judy show at times, fearing things have gotten to the point of no return.

We’re a bit of a laughing stock and it will take a long time to undo the damage of the last few years but I’m hoping we’ll get there. Let’s be honest, things can’t get much worse and that’s why a wee night at the BBC bashing out our thoughts on the latest news is very cathartic.

The club that every parent should join

I can’t be the only parent who has been anxious on the run-up to the holidays. Seven weeks of “I’m bored”, “Can I play the computer?”, “Can I have a_ ?”, “Can you buy me a__?” and the money it all costs. I fear I’m going to have to re-mortgage the place to be able to afford it all. In fact, the main thing I hear all parents say is the cost of the holidays, be it summer club, travel etc, all adds up.

A few months ago I showed my support for the Scottish Government and their Parent Club, where they have a lots of ideas for helping keep little ones busy.

I often visit the www.parentclub.net site for ideas when I’m feeling overwhelmed and running out of ideas for fun things to do.

There is also a huge community of parents sharing ideas with each other so a lot of it comes from parents themselves. The ideas on cooking with kids is always a good one as it can be so simple to do yet something us parents always tend to do in a rush and bash out a freezer buffet when in a hurry.

However, involving the kids and encouraging them to join us in cooking their own meals is really beneficial and educational.

Mind you I’d be pushing it to get Harris to cook me eggs benedict every morning during the holidays, but we’ll certainly be turning to the Parent Club site for ideas.