Sandra Dick: Pink can’t distract from big picture

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October offers up a palate of warm, vibrant colours so rich and breathtakingly pretty it’s like a precious gift from the gods before the bitter blast of winter to come.

However, there’s another colour that has invaded this stunning autumnal portrait. For October shares its natural colour scheme with swathes of slightly nauseating pastel pink. This is the month when our thoughts turn to raising awareness of breast cancer, when entire landmark buildings are bathed in pink and we’re urged to give generously and support the cause.

Undoubtedly it’s a very good thing that more women become aware of the need to check their breasts for lumps and to not be afraid to seek treatment early. It’s good to know that breast cancer does not need to be a killer diagnosis – even if for some women it sadly is.

So, from lipsticks to shower gels, to T-shirts to knickers and just about every product imaginable, shoppers are encouraged to show support and buy into all this perfect fluffy pinkness. After all, how could we not buy that lipgloss when we’re told it could help save a life?

What began years ago as a simple ribbon campaign, a poignant way of showing support, has now evolved into a giant marketing extravaganza, with mega-rich brands scratching each other’s eyes out to come up with pink ribbon products labelled “limited edition” or “collectors’ items”. All a perfect way of boosting sales and raising their “caring” profile in return for handing over a relatively tiny proportion of their profit.

And while the pink spotlight shines brightly on breast cancer, what of those other forms of female-related cancer – ovarian, cervical for example – are they lost in the pink mayhem surrounding this one particular disease?

While we get ready to go pink-tastic, there’s something else we should bear in mind.

Yes, breast cancer is horrible, but, ladies, please don’t worry too much. You’re far more likely to die from heart disease or stroke, than you are from breast cancer.