Sandra Dick: Teenage son delivers a half- naked truth

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MY son is 13 and as he’s my son he is the most wonderful 13-year old you’re likely to meet.

Other than the Xbox addiction, his inability to pick up clothes from the floor and habit of eating everything in the fridge within moments of it being removed from supermarket bags, he’s really very amazing.

So I admit I’m biased. However, out of the mouths of babes sometimes come such words of wisdom and utter brilliance that there are times when annoying parents like me feel bound to share them.

The scene was post Miley Cyrus twerk. Keep up, this was last week’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony and the toe-curling, foam finger rubbing episode that may well have been tongue in cheek but was certainly eye-popping.

Son, said I, what do you make of that Miley and her raunchy display of grinding? And what he said made me think there may just be hope for the youth of today after all.

Take heed young girls. “Mum,” he answered, “I wish girls would wear proper clothes and not show off their bodies the way they do. It’s so desperate. They might be nice but I wouldn’t want a girlfriend like that.”

Now, well I know that a 13-year-old girl has no interest in a 13-year-old boy . . . she wants an 18-year-old with a car who’s also in One Direction. I also know that in a few years, should he be confronted by a lass in a nude plastic bikini waving a foam finger, my lovely son will probably pant like a boy panda on the one day of the year that Mrs Panda is up for frisky action. But right now, I could hug him and put him in a little box marked “do not ever change” because I so want him to still be thinking like that for years to come.

Girls, you know what? While I don’t want to spoil the fun and suggest you shouldn’t wear what you want, but maybe, just maybe, the nude bikini, the foam fingers and the derrière on show is not the kind of look you might want to embrace should you really want to impress the better boys.

Less may well be more, but a little extra in the way of clothes and decent behaviour might get you further.