Sarah Tolan: Bride with a look that’s made to last

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Here comes the

bride with a look

that’s made to last

The summer months herald wedding season. For brides, the key lies in making your preferred look last all day and beyond into the evening celebrations.

In the weeks leading up to your special day try to take the time to ensure your skin is in tip-top condition. For those short of time and money, masks are ideal. I’ve found the Hydraluron Moisture Mask by Indeed Labs, £19.99 for a pack of four, helps keep skin plumped up and ­hydrated. To use simply, open up and press onto skin, lie back and relax for 15 minutes to allow all the goodness to soak in.

Depending on your style of dress, banish any dry or scaly-looking skin on arms by exfoliating.

Elemental Herbology’s Macadamia & Papaya Radiance Body Scrub, £30, contains softening fatty acid rich bio oils which nourish and soften skin and is soft enough to use on your delicate décolletage area, making it perfect for those wearing strapless dresses. Then spritz skin with ESPA’s TriSerum Optional Body Triserum, £38; a non-greasy body product containing seaweed for firming and softening skin.

On your big day stay away from particularly greasy moisturisers which can have an impact on the staying power of your makeup. And Pond’s Institute Brand Ambassador Arabella Preston recommends applying your moisturiser a good 20 minutes before you start your make-up to allow it to sink into the skin.

Get ready for your close-up and target wrinkles around the eyes by hydrating the thin skin there.

And don’t forget to prep your lips – it is a wedding after all. Crème de la Mer’s Lip Balm, £42 is one of my favourite beauty splurges and has a lovely mint scent too. But other lip balms will work just as well.

Before applying your foundation use a primer. Primers not only give your foundation something to hold onto, but they also cover up any open pores, work to smooth out skin tone and keep you shine free.

Then look to build a radiant glow with Rose Water Illuminating Serum by Wild About Beauty, £22.

This contains organic rose water – the perfect pick-me-up for skin as well as light-reflecting particles to add luminosity. I like to layer this with Burberry’s Fresh Glow on top.

Use the right foundation formula and shade to suit your skin. For those looking for a more matte finish, Fusion Foundation by Yves Saint Laurent is launching in August in 16 shades.

Avoid the instinct to pile on foundation. Instead, using fingers, brush or sponge, apply a little at a time; building up coverage thinly and evenly.

If you need to hide dark shadows, spots or create radiance, use highlighters and concealers.

However, be careful not to use one which contains too much shimmer, sparkle or in the wrong shade as this will show up in photos. And set your make-up with powder, using just where your skin may look shiny.

Use an eye primer to keep eye shadows in places, and when applying start off with a little and build.

Finish with eyeliner and mascara – one which doesn’t flake.

Layer your lip look by including a lip liner and a lipstick. The lip liner will help you create an even shape of lip; the lipstick will add depth of colour; and finish with lip gloss to create a pretty look perfect for every bride. Illamasqua’s latest Glamore lipstick range, Nude, offers seven shades suitable for most skin tones, £18.50 each. I like to layer the Rosepout shade from the range with Lancôme’s Lip Lover in Rose d’Eau, £18 to create a soft, pink look.

And everyone needs something blue on their wedding so why not let it be your fragrance with Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell.