Scottish Cup final: ‘Chances like these have to be grabbed’

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Got any spare tickets? That’s the plea that will be heard in every office and pub time and again across the city over the next four weeks.

Such is the demand to see the first all-Edinburgh Scottish Cup final in more than a century that both clubs are sure they could sell around 60,000 tickets each – three times their allocations.

The inevitable result is going to be lots of disappointed fans.

Those with long enough memories will recall that every cup final appearance by either club over the years has tended to be accompanied by a row over ticketing arrangements.

Many Hibs fans are upset today by the club’s plans to make cup final tickets available to anyone who pays up now for a season ticket for next year.

It is easy to understand why they are upset. The support of football fans is all too often taken for granted.

Kick-off times are routinely switched, often at short notice, team shirts are changed season after season and the cost of following your team soon adds up to hundreds of pounds, especially for a family.

There is no doubt that many will find it hard to get their hands on £400 at the drop of a hat to pay for a new season ticket in time to bag themselves a cup final ticket, or for existing season ticket holders an extra cup final ticket.

But there also is no doubt that the club is making the right commercial decision by seeking to maximise the opportunity represented by the cup final.

Getting extra money in now ahead of the summer, when manager Pat Fenlon will be looking for cash to improve the playing squad, is exactly what the club needs most. It is their best chance of ensuring they enjoy more days like these in the future.

For any commercial organisation chances like these have to be grabbed with both hands.

Hibs are one of the most prudently run clubs in the country. You don’t have to look at the example of Rangers to appreciate that.

Yes, it would be better if the club could make better arrangements for fans who now want to buy a season ticket for next year to spread the cost of their purchase, but at least this plan rewards those that are willing to make a commitment to the team.