Scottish Water were a lifesaver in my hour of need – Hayley Matthews

A rapid response to a blocked toilet by Scottish Water impresses Hayley Matthews.

Saturday, 11th January 2020, 6:00 am
The water emergency's over at Hayley's house now

During the week the stomach flu hit Mr Kenny hard and he had to succumb to his bed for a few days. So this was perfect timing for the outside drain to block and to start backing up into our toilet.

As he got up to run to the loo I shouted: “Don’t be sick in the toilet, it’s blocked! You’ll need to go outside.” He looked at me in horror, standing in his pants. The water was spewing out onto the garden and it was a bad situation with two kids, an unwell partner and a blocked drain.

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On explaining the situation to Scottish Water, they sent two guys out as a priority who were incredibly fast at turning up.

They were polite, helpful, swift and genuinely one of the best services I think I’ve ever used.

They said how they’d seen we were unwell with kids and how the loo was backing up so had come to us as a priority. How lucky we are to have great services like this in the country and how lucky we are to have local services that run well, are prompt, with good communication and able to help in an emergency.

I think we’re all to quick to complain about things these days and can come across as a little “entitled”, expecting everyone to fix things for us when it goes wrong. But actually we have it incredibly good here so I’m all for giving praise when it is due, and being grateful for living in a country with clean water and people taking care of the water supply.

I don’t know who’s responsible for running such a good team at Scottish Water but hats off to you all! You could show the council a thing or two.