Smart, stylish and a karaoke star.. that’s Michelle, my belle

Michelle Obama will have a brilliant post White House career, whatever she decides to do. Picture: AFP/Getty Images
Michelle Obama will have a brilliant post White House career, whatever she decides to do. Picture: AFP/Getty Images
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So what is Michelle Obama going to do now? In the eight years since her husband was elected as the first non-white chappie to the White House she has been transformed from perceived pushy wife to national American treasure. Apparently she, as much as anyone else, had no idea in 2006 that her husband might become president of the most powerful country in the world. She wasn’t part of the game, in fact more to the point she was the main breadwinner of the family, having been Mr Obama’s boss in the law firm and a much more qualified, experienced lawyer than him.

Needless to say that she’s as bright as a button but from a non-privileged background. She is the embodiment of what working hard can do and has done everything to encourage kids to strive to be the best.

It's time to stock up on under-carriage essentials at M&S while you still can. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

It's time to stock up on under-carriage essentials at M&S while you still can. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

In the past eight years she’s had to keep her lip clipped whilst knowing that all around are people who are probably a lot less intelligent than her; but through that we have learned to love a woman who is only her own person.

She has humour (Google the James Corden carpool karaoke, as if you haven’t already) and happy to goof about with high school students, without ever looking like a fool. The common touch that people like Cherie Blair should have been but to her cannot hold a candle.

And when it comes to style she has more in her little finger than every other stuffy, label-ridden First Lady that has ever lived in that big white house in Washington. Forget Jackie Kennedy, who was a fembot and couldn’t keep her husband under control. Michelle has championed new young designers, and in times of austerity worn clothes that most of us could afford but still looked fan-tab-ulous as Craig Revel Horwood would say if judging a fashion show.

When she had her fringe cut it was international news and boy did she look a heck of a lot younger and better. Yes, I am shallow but these are the sort of images that make the world go around.

Those in the know say that she has no wish for the great office of America. It is a crying shame, as her oratory powers are quite unbelievable; when Michelle speaks the world listens. Mainly because she actually has something to say, and says it in an outstanding fashion. I reckon that if you are looking for heritage politicians then we need to keep an eye on Malia and Sacha Obama as those girls have genes that no-one wants to mess with.

Anyway, if I was Michelle (and thank the Lord my husband doesn’t aspire to public office) I’d have a bit of a rest, lie down and maybe have a massage.

However, I reckon that she is playing her cards close to her chest. Whatever happens she will emerge on the world stage and have a brilliant career that has nothing to do with the man to whom she is married.

Michelle – I salute you for not only surviving eight years in the White House but leaving it the better person than you were.

Trolley dash to buy big pants

I read that Marks & Spencer are going to close shops and expand the food side of the business.

I have always felt that there’s a dichotomy with this business. Down in the food aisles this is expensive grocery shopping and I cannot understand people doing their weekly shop there when there are so many other alternatives. However I do know that they use the best suppliers – I once knew someone who worked for one of their food producers and they said that M&S were their fussiest clients.

However, over in the women’s fashion they just seemed to get it a bit wrong; skirts seemed to hang a bit oddly and weren’t quite the right length and their steadfast T-shirts and staples felt cheap.

However, when it comes to underwear I just won’t know where to go for all my under-carriage essentials. So please excuse me whilst I zoom off to stock up with thermal vests and lovely big pants.

All grown up but still young

It’s always a bit odd when someone who you helped in their first few baby steps into the big world of having a career gets in touch. So it was that last week, a boy that I worked with about 12 years ago contacted me.

When I knew him he was wet behind ears but as keen as mustard to learn. Nowadays, he informed me, he was married with children and going bald but had a fabulous new project back in his home town of Edinburgh.

We met. His project is indeed exciting and I may write about it when I am allowed. But to be honest what really annoyed me is that he looks exactly the same and I bet the blighter hasn’t spent one penny on moisturiser.