Stabbing: ‘We must tackle these yobs head-on’

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The stabbing of father-of-three Jie Yu has left the local community in north Edinburgh stunned and frightened.

The 37-year-old is by all accounts a hard-working, generous and caring family man. The thoughts of everyone will be with his family today as he continues his recovery in hospital.

It is appalling that something like this could happen to anyone as they went about their daily business within their local neighbourhood.

The suggestion that the attack might have been racially motivated is simply horrific.

The police, however, appear to have learned the lessons of the botched investigation into the killing of takeaway driver Simon San in Lochend four years ago.

The suggestions that Mr Yu’s Chinese takeaway business had repeatedly been targeted by yobs in recent months will no doubt 
be thoroughly and urgently investigated.

That will bring some reassurance to residents who have had to live with increasing disorder on their streets in recent months.

There is a lawless minority living in the area that feels free to cause havoc, stealing motorbikes and cars for fun, with little or no fear of the consequences.

The positive response of Police Scotland to the recent shootings in the south of the city shows that our city commanders are not afraid to go on the front foot and take on those who wreck the peace on our streets.

The residents of Pilton and Drylaw will demand no less a firm response from the force to their problems.

Stealing cars and motorbikes and racing them around the streets may not seem quite as serious as the shootings and homemade bombs being left on doorsteps in south Edinburgh, but the impact on the lives of those who have to live with the results day in and day out is impossible to overestimate.

Some residents are afraid to go out after dark, others are scared to let their children out. That is no way to live. The community now needs the police to show that this will not be tolerated.

Earlier this week, we revealed that work with young people warning them about the dangers of carrying knives might come to an end in Edinburgh as the council withdraws some of its funding for community police work. This is a reminder of how important such work remains.

But the immediate priority is to tackle head-on the yobs who are threatening to make some of our streets no-go areas after dark for those who live there.