Steve Cardownie: How Labour tried to claim it saved Edinburgh music school

Councillor Ian Perry
Councillor Ian Perry
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in Saturday’s Evening News it was reported that plans to close the City of Edinburgh Music School had been killed off after Labour councillors voted not to support the proposals.

These were the very same proposals that were put forward by the Labour convener of the Education, Children and Families Committee, Ian Perry, and the very same proposals that were supported by the Labour group and put forward as part of the budget consultation exercise.

Granted this proposal was also endorsed by the SNP, wrongly in my opinion, but in the light of a well co-ordinated campaign against the proposal, SNP councillors were looking for a way out.

While they were sleeping, Labour stole a march on them and proclaimed themselves to be the saviours of the school.

Labour is trying to convince the public that it is the conscience of the coalition and that the only thing that binds the SNP group is their allegiance to independence, whereas they are bound by loftier ideals of social justice.

Such vacuous accusations would not be surprising if they came from the opposition, but Labour is a supposed coalition partner. The more remarkable aspect to all this is the seemingly meek acceptance by the SNP.

In allowing these tactics to continue without a public rebuttal, they will not discourage further attacks and only embolden those intent on seeking an early end to the coalition.