Steve Cardownie: Jeremy Hunt turns deaf ear to Brexit sirens

Jeremy Hunt has changed his tune since 2014. Picture: PA
Jeremy Hunt has changed his tune since 2014. Picture: PA
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It was interesting to hear Jeremy Hunt, the UK Health and Social Care Secretary, launching an attack on Airbus – the company that raised concerns over the future of its business in the event of a “no deal” Brexit – by saying that the country should ignore “siren voices” and support the Prime Minister.

It was a different story when he and his cronies were whipping up the same “siren voices” against Scottish independence in the referendum of 2014.

Then, he and his cohorts could not have done much more to encourage opposition within the business community to the concept of an independent Scotland.

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Businesses are entitled to express a view on economic matters of importance and he and his fellow travellers will just have to “take the rough with the smooth” after all they “cannot have their cake and eat it”.

Apologies for the previous sentence as I normally avoid clichés “like the plague”.

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