Steve Cardownie: The Dandy’s Black Bob wasn’t as much bother as my dog

Border collies have a reputation for being intelligent (Picture: Ian Rutherford)
Border collies have a reputation for being intelligent (Picture: Ian Rutherford)
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In November last year, I wrote about an incident on Arthur’s Seat involving our border collie, Cooper, in which he jumped over what he thought (erroneously) was a short wall on to what he thought (equally erroneously) was the grass path on the other side, which starts further along.

Much to his surprise and annoyance, he learned that there was a big drop awaiting him, which was too big for him to jump back over and too big for me to do anything about it except offer words of encouragement which, admittedly, were as much use as alcohol-free vodka.

Were it not for an extremely tall passer-by who dreeped down the other side and passed him up to me, we might have been there yet.

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Well, did he no just go and do it again! Although this time as it was very early in the morning passers-by were about as rare as a pig in flight and I was left to my own devices.

I leaned over as far as I could and convinced him – with the aid of a few expletives – to stretch up the wall as far as he could thereby allowing me to grab him by the legs and haul him over.

This resulted in me receiving several unsightly scratches to my forearm, which made me look like I had just returned from an S&M convention.

I’ll bet you Black Bob from The Dandy was never this much bother!

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