Susan Dalgety: My plans to splash lotto win cash

It could be you - but what would you do if it were?
It could be you - but what would you do if it were?
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We may spend a billion pounds a year on Valentine gifts, but when it comes to our relatives it seems we are not so generous.

A recent survey suggests that three-quarters of us would not tell our family if we had a big lottery win. I find this statistic depressing. Like most families, we have occasionally discussed what we would do if one of us had hit the jackpot. And sharing some of our good fortune with our nearest and dearest is usually near the top of our wish list, after the expensive cars, exotic holidays and dream home of course.

After all, what is the point in having a pile of cash if you can’t enjoy it. And there would be nothing I would like more than being able to tell my sons that their mortgage was a thing of the past, or setting up a trust fund for my grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

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That, and I cannot keep a secret. It is beyond me how anyone could hide a big lottery win from their family. Even my most gullible sister would not believe that my new Chanel handbag came from Lidl. And how I would explain away my new townhouse in Heriot Row and my Greek villa?

No, if I ever win the Euro Millions, I will splash the cash among my family and friends and have a great time sharing my good fortune.

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