Susan Dalgety: Remember chocolate reward for doing world’s best job

There's no HND or degree in mothering skills (Picture: Getty/Wavebreak)
There's no HND or degree in mothering skills (Picture: Getty/Wavebreak)
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This is definitely a week for women with International Women’s Day quickly followed by Mother’s Day on Sunday.

The origins of Mothering Sunday lie not in a celebration of our own dear mothers, but as an important date in the Christian calendar.

Here in Scotland it always falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, and this was traditionally the day when people visited the place they first worshipped, which was known as their “mother” church.

In our secular nation, that link is long gone, and the day has become a chance to celebrate our mothers, usually by buying them chocolates and flowers.

And a cheesy card, don’t forget the cheesy card.

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It is easy to be cynical about Mothering Sunday, and dismiss it as nothing more than yet another heartless ploy by retailers to make us part with our hard-earned cash.

But that would be a shame. Learning how to be even a half-decent mother is a pretty tough job.

There is no degree course in how – and when – to wean a baby, or how to toilet train a toddler and help teach her to read.

No post-grad qualification in coping with teenage angst. No HND for how to mop up after your child’s heart is broken, or their tenth job application in a row is rejected.

But if you’re lucky enough to get the chance of being a mother, there is no better job in the world.

Even if the only reward you can look forward to with any certainty is a box of Milk Tray on Mother’s Day.

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