Susan Morrison: Congrats Kate, now get on your joggy bottoms

Dear Kate, congrats on the new baby. Well done, lass, but sweetheart, high heels?

Friday, 27th April 2018, 7:00 am
It won't be pretty underneath that red frock. Picture: SWNS

Oh, I know you looked quite simply stunning, but every mum in the world knows what’s under that red frock, and we know it ain’t pretty.

It can take days for us mere mortals to get back to being human again.

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In fact, after both my births I bore an uncanny resemblance to the Mother Alien, complete with spitting acidic venom and a strange desire to rip people in two. Well, by people, I mean men.

Get home, love. Get your slippers on. Make that big lad next to you do a bit of fetching and carrying.

In fact, you’ve a veritable army of flunkies about the place.

Tea, chocolate biscuits and joggy bottoms, that’s my advice.