Susan Morrison: Old Town Bunting Thief strikes at History Festival

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The History Festival has one weekend to go so why not join us at the Methodist Church Hall on Nicolson Square for Templars, Mary Somerville and Alex Salmond, among other goodies?

While there, you might keep a lookout for my bunting.

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The Scottish Government gifted us some rather splendid bunting to highlight the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. Very pretty. We bedecked the railings.

It disappeared. At first, I thought it had blown down, and went out to reattach. But no, said a lovely lady in for a talk in the Main Hall. She said a chap had appeared and removed it with such care that she assumed he had the proper authority to remove branded bunting.

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This is the modus operandi of the infamous Old Town Bunting Thief.

So, heads up, people, he’s clearly on the rampage. Keep an eye out if you have fluttering flags on a bit of string. Gone in a flash, mate.