Susan Morrison: Time to blow lid on sponge cake scam

A berry Victoria sponge cake, or is it? (Picture: PA)
A berry Victoria sponge cake, or is it? (Picture: PA)
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The FT never struck me as the kind of publication that lent itself to covert action and elaborate stings, like its investigation into the Presidents Club.

That was the remit of the News of The World, who presumably would have made their excuses and left. Or perhaps the Sun, but I’m willing to bet they would have saved themselves a lot of time and just got on the guest list.

My impression of the FT is of a rather staid newspaper. Completely guessing here. Never read it. Looks like a cure for insomnia. Doesn’t even have pictures of Ant and Dec on the front.

No, the FT I always filed away under “boring but important”. What next, The Sunday Post going undercover to expose shoddy practices in the tablet-making industry?

My Weekly busting bootleg knitting pattern knock-off workshops in Nairn? A searing exposé of dodgy dealings in the Women’s Institute Baker of the Year (Victoria Sponge Category) by fearless reporters from The People’s Friend?