Susan Morrison: We need a special ‘thank you’ day for good dog owners

Responsible dog owners deserve treats. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Responsible dog owners deserve treats. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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Getting keech off your trainers is one thing, but you try getting it off the wheels of buggies and wheelchairs.

Doggie do, my friends, and it’s on the rise in Leith again.

There are great dog owners out there. We should have a thank you day for the considerate folks who clean up after their dogs, perhaps give out pooper scoopers and treats to responsible dog owners, not just for cleaning up after their canine friends but for sharing them – a park’s not a park without an over-enthusiastic labrador flinging itself about.

Oddly enough, the tide of poo seems to ebb and flow, so I assume that the irresponsible, anti-social breed of owner walks their dogs at night. Clearly, some people in Edinburgh own werewolves who can only be walked by the light of the full moon. Perhaps it’s time to talk about bringing back the dog licence, only with a bit more bite?

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