Talk of the Town: A dressing down for casual approach

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IMAGE matters in politics, so much so that sometimes politicians have to think about their appearance as much as their policies.

During a recent council meeting deputy council leader Steve Cardownie sought to score some political points from his opponents’ dress sense.

Labour councillor Eric Barry, sporting a short-sleeved check shirt and jeans, had attempted to block plans to introduce parking charges in the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

SNP Cllr Cardownie, in a pin-stripe suit, said: “To enter into the spirit of things, he has come dressed like a hillwalker rather than for a full council meeting.” Meeow.

Star son is tops for Pops

ONE of the advantages of parenthood is that you can live your dreams vicariously through your children.

Panto star Allan Stewart has told how watching his son David on Top of the Pops on Christmas Eve was like fulfilling his own rock and roll ambitions.

Mr Stewart, who is performing in Cinderella at the King’s, said: “It was always my dream to play Top of the Pops. I’m not going to now so I can do the next best thing and watch my son. It was very special.”

David is a guitarist with the band Example.

Advice worth keeping

WORDS of wisdom on gift recycling came from an unlikely source on Christmas Eve, as Alexander McCall Smith took to Twitter to offer some well-considered advice on getting rid of unwanted pressies.

The creator of No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency suggested hanging fire for a month before flogging the items on the internet.

“You don’t have to keep the present for ever, but you should not give it away immediately. Certainly not on Boxing Day.

“January 25 is about right. Thereafter the unwanted present may be disposed of, preferably given away. If sold, proceeds to charity.”

“Terrible for authors to go to second-hand book store and find dedicated books for sale: eg “For my great friend X”. Unappreciative X!”

It’s a big turn-off

TV programmers are always criticised for the amount of repeats on the box, especially over Christmas.

Those behind Edinburgh’s big screen on Festival Square are not immune to the same criticism.

The screen is repeating a selection of programmes at the same time every day over the Christmas and New Year period.

Tory councillor Gordon Buchan said: “I’m just wondering where the Bond film is.”