Talk of the Town: A policeman’s lock is not a happy one

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IT’S incumbent upon police officers to behave in a helpful manner.

But even they must draw a line in the sand when it comes to disclosing trade secrets.

The FOI team at Lothian and Borders Police issued a courteous reply to an inquiry seeking “methods for cutting and breaking bike locks”.

They said: “Disclosing the tactics and methods used by criminals when stealing bikes could assist others in committing such offences, impacting on crime levels in the force area, and the number of complainers falling victim to this type of crime.”

Bit of a cop out, one might say.

If there’s nowhere else worth picking, Thistle Dhu

WE’RE no strangers to a fun pun here at the Evening News.

So we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on a new competition that aims to honour the wittiest-named businesses the Capital and the UK has to offer.

The current Edinburgh frontrunner is Thistle Dhu bed and breakfast in Glasgow Road.

The eagle-eyed are urged to post pictures of any other rib-tickling businesses to the yelpLondon Facebook page.

The vinyl countdown

IT’S a stunt bound to land you in trouble with mum and dad – using the oven as a furnace and melting the record collection.

But pupils at Balerno High scooped four awards at the Lothian Young Enterprise Awards for making objects out of old vinyls.

Breaking Records – the school’s Young Enterprise firm – moulded them into clocks and bowls after blasting them at 250C.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, team leaders Amy Nuttall and Vicky Dalziel even managed to get one into the shape of Salvador Dali’s famous “melted” clock.Whether there’s a comforting crackling sound as the second hand goes round we can’t confirm.

A simples competition

YOU never know, they could end up as famous as Aleksandr Orlov.

A new clan of “McMeerkats” has moved in at Edinburgh Zoo – but one remains nameless.

The family consists of Jock, Moira, Mhairi, Archie, Uncle Lachlan, Aunt Maggie and Cousin Hamish – you can see where they’re heading with this – with the remaining McMeerkat to be named in a competition.

The zoo’s Facebook page is the place to make your suggestions, with the winning entry scooping a great day out at the attraction. Simples.