Talk of the Town: A shampoo and set-to for Gail

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IN the cut-throat world of marketing it always helps to get some celebrity endorsement, and nothing gets the rich and famous on-side like a little freebie.

Of course it’s important to make sure you match your product to the person – something of which Waitrose will be acutely aware after being forced to issue an apology to Edinburgh’s own Gail Porter over a spectacular PR blunder.

The Scots TV star and alopecia sufferer was left less than impressed when Waitrose sent her a three for two offer – on hair products. She tweeted her fans: “Waitrose . . . thanks for your emails, but I am really not interested in your ‘3 for 2’ hair products.”

Danny’s foxed by boxers

SCOTTISH Cup-wining Hearts player Danny Grainger has confounded fans with a bizarre request. Grainger asked followers on Twitter: “Random tweet but any idea where to get big cardboard boxers in Edinburgh?” Which is either an innocent typo or a very strange underwear idea.

So life does begin at 40

IT’s an age which used to be considered “over the hill” – but it seems women in the Capital love growing old gracefully.

A survey by Linwoods Superfoods has found that for women in Edinburgh, the years immediately after their 40th birthdays are the most fulfilling of their lives. More than half of Edinburgh’s 40-somethings said being in the right relationship and feeling comfortable in their own skin were among the benefits that come with age.

Of course, since 15 per cent said they felt “ten years younger” at 40, perhaps it’s now the new 30.

Louis Vuitton send customers packing

They are the premiere name in designer luggage, and to celebrate the birthday of their Edinburgh store staff at Louis Vuitton were helping customers with that trickiest of tasks – packing. The store brought in experts to show customers how to fold and arrange clothes to make the most of their goods – although anyone who can afford such extravagant luggage could perhaps get their butler to pack for them.