Talk of the Town: A sure sign of the public’s feelings

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THIS column is partial to the odd comically defaced sign, so we regarded it our duty to bring this one to you.

In a startling development, it seems the people of Edinburgh are not entirely on board with the city’s transport strategy.

As seen here, some wag with a magic marker has responded to the tram project’s question with what for many is the only suitable answer.

A cracking idea, Gromit, but will the kids bite?

GETTING primary school pupils to eat a healthy, balanced lunch is always going to be an uphill struggle.

They say kids need role models, which is why Currie and Clovenstone primaries brought in Plasticine pair Wallace and Gromit to inspire youngsters to tuck in to new fun-shaped pasta meals.

Pupils were lapping up the lunches in front of the guests of honour. But if teachers think it will last, then they must think the moon is made of cheese.

Queen for a day

THERE’S little escape as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee takes over our streets and pubs.

One city hostelry getting in the mood is the New Town Bar in Dublin Street, which is throwing a “60 Years a Queen Party”.

On the entertainment menu is a live comic and a fancy dress contest with refreshment in the form of scones and Pimms.

And just when you’re in the mood for a party, Michelle McManus takes to the stage, “performing songs from through the decades” . . .

Taking the shine off things

WITH the weekend’s sun hopefully a sign of things to come, Talk of the Town is only too happy to receive some barbecue advice to make sure our summer sizzles.

But just when we were getting excited about the feast on offer, some tips dropped in to pour cold water on our plans.

News has reached us that “Most British BBQs end up indoors”. But, fear not, for the party can go on regardless.

All we have to do is “buy a green rug that you can bring out just when you want to recreate that outdoor look inside”.