Talk of the Town: Alex is undone by ca-tache-trophe

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WHEN city man Alex Crocher signed up for a fundraising five-kilometre run he thought the most awkward thing he’d be carrying round was his charity moustache.

In fact, so confident was he of easing around the course he began training for something that would push him a bit further.

But in the process of training, he sustained a second degree calf tear, meaning he will have to revisit the 5km event and complete the course on crutches.

The Scottish Mo Running event takes place on Sunday at Glasgow Green to raise money for the Movember appeal, which supports male cancer organisations.

The campaign is famous because its supporters grow novelty moustaches throughout the month of November.

Alex may be worried about looking daft with his walking aids, but he’ll have a job feeling weird among hundreds of other people sporting mousers.

You’ll not get this festive gift on tick

A WATCH often makes a perfect Christmas gift, particularly if it’s unique.

A £7000 tag might be a bit steep – that’s the cost of the latest addition to a city jewellers.

A limited edition Trainmaster Flying Scotsman has arrived at Chisholm Hunter’s Store in Ocean Terminal – the first of 149 made.

And if there’s any doubt about that claim, there’s a “1” engraved on the rear of the watch.

No place to boob

ANYONE interested in raising money for a cancer charity, but doesn’t fancy a lot of exertion, best look away at this point.

It is fairly common for organisations to play upon people’s appetite for exercise when appealing for fundraisers.

However, the Breast Cancer Campaign is seeking those with a bit more fuel in their tank.

And it’s not the normal trek across the Forth Road Bridge, or even on a par with the Moonwalk.

It is looking for Lothians residents to take on the Great Wall of China next April.

Not one to be done in a bra and pink cap . . .

Waist not, want not

OFFICE workers across the city are set to get fatter than ever this Christmas.

One health organisation has offered a key piece of advice for men trying to find out if their waistline has expanded.

All About Weight said one giveaway was “if you’re having trouble fastening the trousers that fitted you last winter”.

Thanks for that . . .