Talk of the Town: Alex’s chances go from bad to verse

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CITY poet George Roberston made the News earlier this week when we revealed him as the author of The Nonsense Ends, penned in the pub for Alex Salmond to read during last week’s SNP conference.

Now, without further comment, we bring you reader L M Burns’ rebuttal in full.

Eat well yes Alex Salmond heard

Heard it loud and clear

And took it close into his heart

And this is what I fear

For who would let this baw heid

Who clearly likes his pies

And lets his body go to pot

Right before our eyes

Run our country proud and true

God forbid not me or you

He would blot our landscape

With turbines all around

And wants to spend our money

With both his hands unbound

A poet so deluded – and listen here’s the rub

Could only have this vision while sitting in the pub

Jackson on the Case at Musselburgh race track

TURF-talking telly private eye Jackson Brodie – aka Harry Potter villain Jason Isaacs – caused a flutter at Musselburgh Racecourse, where filming recently took place for BBC show Case Histories.

Production company Ruby Films shot scenes at Musselburgh’s last Flat meeting of the season.

Racecourse commercial manager Sarah Montgomery said: “We can just picture Jackson Brodie as a regular racegoer at his local track on Edinburgh’s doorstep.”

No appetite for this idea

AS far as duff management techniques go, we thought the buck stopped with blue-sky thinking, idea showers and cascading.

But now one city hotel is offering “brain food” to delegates while they attempt to gain inspiration during “Experience Meetings”.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh has launched a menu including fresh fish, whole grain products, and fruit to help maintain concentration during corporate brainstorming sessions.

TOTT thinks that particular industry place might be in need of a “head count reduction”.

Rich pickings in Capital

RICH men of the Capital are enjoying the most amount of promiscuity in any city in Europe, according to a new survey, which said 72 per cent of “sugar daddies” reported at least three sexual partners a year.

A statistic we’re sure is down only to their overwhelming wit and all-conquering charm.