Talk of the Town: Another staggering Edinburgh effort

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A GOOD week for rugby in the Capital just got better.

Flinty McStag, representing Edinburgh Rugby, has won best in show at the Scottish Mascot Cup.

And who needs Usain Bolt when you’ve got Bluebell the Cowdenbeath Coo?

She hung on to defeat 19 prestigious opponents in a race which included last year’s champion Hairy Haggis.

And to top off a grand day for Fife, Cheeky the Cowdenbeath Chicken from Cowdenbeath Civic Week won the prize for best mascot in the parade.

The cup, held at Musselburgh Race Course, raised money for healthcare charity Sue Ryder.

No word whether any “pantomime” horses were pulled up for “irregularities”.

Our angel story has Twitterati all of a flutter

OUR tale in yesterday’s Evening News of the “miracle” angel that appeared on the bathroom window of an Easter Road flat has caused some twitterings on social networks.

Sleuth-like readers were keen to get to the bottom of the mystery, which startled Megan Blakemore when she stepped out of the shower on Tuesday morning.

On our I Love Edinburgh Facebook page, Vicki Brady wrote: “That’ll be the imprint from a bird flown into the glass then.”

But Purps Fee Nock got into the spirit by suggesting: “If you look by where the ‘waist’ is you can definitely see a floppy-eared rabbit.”

Which might explain what happened to the Easter Bunny in Tuesday’s News whose sat nav failed him on the big day.

Sparking some interest

IT was billed as “The Maltese Falcon meets The IT Crowd” in Monday’s Evening News.

And it seems lots of people just couldn’t resist.

Electric Man, which tells the story of a struggling Edinburgh comic store finding a rare publication, has now sold out tonight’s Cameo screening, which will be attended by singer Fish.

So if you’re just hearing about this for the first time and have been left disappointed at missing out, then, well, it serves you right for not reading Monday’s paper.

Making a break for it

IF your idea of dancing is more spinning around on your backside, then this is for you.

Breakin’ Convention, a national hip-hop dance tour visits the Festival Theatre on May 18 and 19, featuring “an array of dazzling acts”.

As for Talk of the Town, we might just stick to a slow waltz.