Talk of the Town: Any skeletons in your closet?

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THERE was quite a stir in the Capital recently after grave of an ancient knight was discovered during an archeological dig.

The finding, hot on the heels of the lost grave of Richard III being discovered, led to plenty of chatter about who the knight might be, and provided an added bit of excitement for office workers in the area, who were able to see the tomb – and even the skeleton – of the knight from their office windows.

And it seems that skeleton-spotting has now become an office pastime in the city, with one snap-happy worker tweeting the lovely image of a skeletal figure spotted across the road from his building.

So the hunt is on – if you can spot a better city skeleton let Talk of the Town know.

Watch out for the beaks

AS if rogue skeletons weren’t distracting enough, Edinburgh Zoo has re-launched its popular Penguin Cam, which diverted the attention of hundreds of workers when it first launched. Any manager looking for a reason why their productivity has dropped need perhaps look no further.

That’s dram expensive

HERE in Scotland whisky is a serious business – so it’s only fitting that to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Scotch Whisky Experience bosses have commissioned Edinburgh’s iconic silversmiths, Hamilton & Inches, to create a commerorative ornamental Quaich.

The one-off handcrafted piece features an elaborate lid, set with a precious stone, along with gilding on the inside – and for a change will be more valuable than even the most expensive dram, coming in at a whopping £10,000.

Buzz checks out

MOON-MAN Buzz Aldrin was recently in the Capital as the special guest at a conference.

But while you’d think the second man to walk on the Moon would be prepared for everything, Buzz has admitted he felt a little under- dressed, after finding himself next to a beaming attendee attired in full tartan trews and a tartan bunnet for good measure.

As the astronaut quipped: “I guess I shoulda brought my kilt.”